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Monday, January 6, 2014

What's in the Bag: #Kinderchat Blog Challenge, Day 6

Today's #Kinderchat Blog Prompt will be short and sweet; a list asking for 5 things in the bag we take to work with us.  So here are 5 of the many things that are in my bag; some people live out of their car, I live out of a bag.

This is actually my "small bag"...which gives you an idea of how much stuff can be crammed into my large bag!

I always carry a small notebook and pen.  It's easier to write down random ideas or quotes or anything I want to remember in a notebook than my iPad or computer when on the go.

I keep all of my commuter passes and my school key in my bag so they don't go missing the day I'm running late.

My computer is small and light so it generally travels to my jobs with me.  I find it easer to document and send emails on my computer than the shared ones at school.  It also allows me to read my graduate students' papers in my down time. 

I always have a small bottle of lotion for my hands.  Lately I'm really enjoying Bath and Body Works' stress relief. 

Mints and pain reliever...can't leave home with out them. 

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