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Saturday, January 11, 2014

#Kinderchat Blog Challenge, Days 10 and 11

I sort of spaced out on writing my #Kinderchat Blog Challenge post yesterday.  So this is a 2 in 1...yesterdays would have been fairly short anyway.

Day 10: If I won the lottery I would....
Honestly? I don't have any grand dreams about what I would do with a lottery windfall.  Rather, I would pay of all of my (many) dollars in student loans, put some aside so that I would actually have a savings, and then donate the rest to the volunteer organization I lead programs through.

Day 11: A book that always gets me teary...
Seeing as I cry at the drop of the hat this should be easy...but I also read a ton of books, which makes it hard to narrow it down.  I always cry when Beth dies in Little Women and when Professor Dumbledore (not to mention Dobby the Elf!) dies in the Harry Potter series; basically all of book 7 makes me cry.  Of course Where the Red Fern grows makes me sob along with Summer of the Monkeys.

Okay, short and sweet. I will try to make tomorrow's post have more substance.

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