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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

This Week in the Classroom: #Kinderchat Blog Challenge, Day 14

Today's #Kinderchat Blog Challenge asks us what is one thing we want to do with our class this week.

Well, I have three different groups per week, so I have three different things instead of one.

For my Monday studio group, I wanted to engage new students from the morning 3's group in their "beautiful alphabet" project that 3 of their classmates initiated in November.  ....And I did! 2 students who had never ventured into the studio space excitedly came in asking which letters were left to build.  Apparently all of the children in this class had been sharing their excitement over the "beautiful alphabet" and the idea that they are building something that will be a gift to their classroom.

For my Tuesday/Wednesday young 2's group, I want to help my two newest children and their families feel confident and ready to separate.  We've all been working to build trust, relationships, and comfort in the space and the children are ready.  The parents are ready too...everyone just needs a little extra love and support.

For my Thursday/Friday group of 2's, I am looking forward to seeing their reactions to the new dramatic play invitation.  My co-teacher and I worked with the other teaching team we share space with and re-imagined our dramatic play into a grocery store.  We have canvas bags from local stores, a conveyer belt and cash register, shopping carts, and items from around the children's homes.  I snuck in and saw the 2/3's group using the space today and they were so busy.  It was fantastic.

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