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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

the wonder of curiousity

One of the reasons that I enjoy working with little people is their complete sense of wonder about the world around them.  They have the ability to immerse themselves into ordinary events and places in a way that is so complete that they get lost in their observations and investigations.

A little person can spend an incredible amount of time investigating the way a bridge feels as they walk across it.  They take the time to watch their feet react with the materials, wondering why it sounds and feels differently than the sidewalk.  Little people question the boundaries and take risks as they play with the way their bodies press up against and move away from railings.  They pause and gaze across the sky, not worrying about a pending appointment.  They joyfully stomp as they bridge slopes downward relishing in the clanging made by the impact of their shoes on the metal.

A little person is able to step past inhibitions and experience the glee of splashing in a fountain.  They splash in different ways, watching the pattern of the ripples as their feet hit the water.  Little people can see the complexities in the way the water flows and moves as people run in and out of the path of travel.

And this?  This is where learning occurs.  Learning begins with the wonder and curiosity of the little people.  It begins with their questions, their joy, their observations.  Learning happens when children are immersed in the world around them, in their natural environment, in the places that call out to them.  

Rather than working so hard to control their environment, what would happen if we spent more time observing and documenting the learning that occurs every day, in everyday locations?  What would happen if their was more respect given to the wonder and curiosity of children?  

I suspect that their would be more joy, more amazing days in the lives of little people.

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