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Monday, July 11, 2011

we are adventurers

Little people are constantly learning about the world around them.  Every day brings a new experience and a chance to be an adventurer.  Children have an innate capacity for discovery and learning and will play their way through countless discoveries a day.  (If we let them!)

As caregivers, it doesn't take a lot to allow the little people the opportunity to be adventurous.  We don't need to buy expensive toys.  We don't need to spend large amounts of money on enrichment classes and trips.  We simply need the ability to stop and see the potential for adventure in the every day.

And we need the willingness to be adventurous ourselves.  If we want to encourage the little people's curiosity and adventurous spirit then we too need to step up and be willing to explore the new and unknown.  Caregivers and little people engage in meaningful adventures when in relationship with each other and their environment.

The children see the potential for adventure and joy in the little things and in unexpected places.  The good news is that if we stop and pause throughout the day, we too can be adventurous!

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