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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Strengthening Relationships: A Mini Intro of Me

For week five of the #kinderblog2012 challenge we were asked to create a photo post showing five things from our homes, describing them in 140 characters or less, that provides the community with a glimpse into who we are perhaps outside of the education realm. This was surprisingly more difficult than I thought, but I thought I would give it ago and simply use the cropping tool to hide the scattered mess that my little basement apartment tends to be!

Two things I do completely for myself and where I find balance and growth, but that tend to branch out to my work.

My love of scrabble, turned into a drive to create, inspired by the ways I try to live life.

This shelf is my metaphor; a mix of grad student, professional, avid reader, eclectic.

A bit random, a bit off center, full of potential. Chaos that works within structure. The way I work and live.

World's meanest cat. (Don't let her small size fool you.) Rejected by 6 families, my weakness for the outcast gave her a home.

Perhaps this tiny glance into my world outside of play and learning adds a little insight into what I tweet and post. Or perhaps it has confirmed the fact that I'm a bit off the wall!


  1. I've learned to take all my house photos right after I clean! :D That way my house is always clean on the internets!! :D Love the instruments, the shelf and meow! Kitty cats rock! Cheers Meg!

  2. Love the name of your blog and the photos are great. The hanging frame is interesting. When I see an unused frame I wonder what it once held and what it will hold onto later.