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Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Random Act of Play

I'm always on the lookout for playful acts.  I believe that the art of play can be found anywhere, often in the most surprising ways.  As I walked to work (February in the midwest!) the other day I found this complex scene drawn on the sidewalk.  The children who live here had obviously taken advantage of our unusually not snowy winter to draw an elaborate track on the sidewalk.  If you look closely you will spot railroad tracks, a gas station, and a stop sign interwoven in the drawing.  On the steps of the house I spotted a basket of cars and trains and on the lawn two small bikes.  It became obvious to me that not only did the children take the time to engage in this creative play, but that they were also using their creation to engage in dramatic play as well.

In an era where child's play is often being called into questions by those who do not truly understand how children learn and children are over scheduled in extracurricular activities, it's refreshing to spot such an obvious act of play right in the neighborhood.

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