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Thursday, June 23, 2011

infant paper study (part 3)

The littlest learner has been continuing to engage in relationship with paper.  This week he was able to explore the paper from many perspectives.  While he was sleeping I removed all of the bright plastic toys from his floor mat and replaced them with hanging pieces of brown paper and crumpled up bags on the mat.  When he was ready for floor play I placed him on his play area and began to observe him.

He was rather startled at first.  

But he quickly began to stretch, roll, eat, and grab for the paper.

This was an interesting development in the littlest person's relationship with paper.  By weaving the paper amongst his play space he was able to experience its many properties without too much hesitation. The placement of the papers allowed the little person opportunities to stretch his curiosity and physical reach farther than he has yet.

I'm hoping that with the continuation of this growing relationship among infant and paper that the littlest  person will continue to grow his curiosity, joy, physical capabilities, and knowledge of his surrounding world.

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